New release of Animal (2.4.9, September 5, 2016) 2

After some delay, there is a new release for Animal version 2.4.9 (September 5, 2016) available. This version deals with several bugs and provides other improvements, as follows;

  • Bug fix: interactive elements should work without problems again (there was a parsing and displaying problem before).
  • Bug fix: more precise error messages in generating an animation with “issues”, instead of only “there was a problem”.
  • Bug fix: correct bounding box determination for arrays, correcting several object placement issues when relying on arrays.
  • Bug fix: swapping matrix works again.
  • Bug fix: When using hideAll or hideAllBut, all appropriate primitives should now be hidden. Before, arrays and matrices (and potentially others) refused to be hidden in this way.
  • New feature: graph nodes can be modified using setNodeRadius(…) and setNodeRadiusAuto(…) methods. The Auto version determines the new radius from the text contained in the node, the other version expects the user to state the radius.
  • New feature: the XML specification for generators can now also contain a description for each primitive.
  • New feature: individual graph edges can be highlighted using setEdgeHighlightPolyColor(…), the label color can be changed using setEdgeHighlightTextColor(…), and the node labels can be modified using setNodeLabel(…). There are also new methods setNodeHighlightFillColor(…) and setNodeHighlightTextColor(…)
  • New feature: SourceCode now has a length() function.
  • New feature: the new array class also supports indices. Turn them on (by default) or off using showIndices(…).
  • New feature: graphs also allow edges with a negative weight. 0 still means “no edge”.
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